Tuesday, 24 January 2017

[Android] Annoyed of reconnecting? Here comes the solution

One of the biggest complaints from our users are: why my VPN app is disconnected again?

To be fair, it's already better than many of our competitors who would just drop the connection silently without notifying user. But still, we have build-in reconnect logic and why it's not working?

After a few days investigation and experiment, we think we found a reason.

What makes my VPN connection unstable?

Apart from unstable mobile network, one of the biggest causes of frequently disconnect / reconnect is Android Doze feature introduced in Marshmallow (Android 6.0), which is designed to save battery when you are not actively using the phone. This is accomplished by blocking notifications and networks, and preventing wake up app unless user want to. For more details, there is a good blog in lifehacker.

It's a good idea for most of the case, but VPN is a very special type of app. It's not always a good idea to save some battery at the cost of anonymity and security. Here is how you can turn off battery optimisation if you want.

How can I whitelist Just Proxy VPN?

Step 1: open the left drawer menu. You would see a newly added Battery Optimisation option. Tap it.

Step 2: a new dialog will popup, to confirm if you really want to switch off Battery Optimization

Step 3: another dialog from Android will be prompted to confirm on behalf of system

Step 4: done! If you want to re-enable battery optimisation, then just tap the same option from left drawer, another guide will popup for you to configure.

Manual configuration

If it's not getting better, then most likely you are using a firmware that is having a different implementation than native Android, like MIUI. Here are the steps to manually configure:

Native Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Step 1: find Battery configuration in settings

Step 2: inside Battery main page. Expand top right menu and tap Battery Optimisation 

Step 3: make sure you filter by App apps so that you can find Just Proxy VPN app from the list

Step 4: select Don't optimise option

Step 5: make sure Just Proxy app is now Not Optimised

MIUI 6.0

Step 1: find Battery configuration in settings

Step 2: tap Manage apps battery usage

Step 4: Choose apps

Step 4: find Just Proxy VPN and make sure it's changed to No restrictions

Monday, 2 January 2017

Buy Chrome extension membership via your Android phone

One of the top complaint we received since adjusted pricing model is: what if I don't have a Paypal account?

Here comes the solution:

pay through Google Play with your Android phone

Step 1: install the App

Go to Google Play store, download and install Just Proxy VPN app. Because of the way Google Play works, you would have to install the app in order to make any in-app purchase.

Step 2: open the app and open drawer menu

You will see a similar screen as Chrome extension. Now open drawer menu from top left toggle.

Step 3: tap Buy for Chrome

Step 4: enter email address

Enter your Chrome extension account email address. If you haven't got one, you can signup by:
  1. Install from Chrome webstore
  2. Click settings (=) at bottom right
  3. Click Complete your account

Step 6: tap the button to finish your payment.

Enjoy and happy new year!